Hybrid Working: Top Tips to Help You Get Your IT on Track

‘Hybrid working’ has fast become the new buzzword on everyone’s lips. This way of working has always existed but there’s no doubt that it has been fast-tracked by the Covid-19 pandemic. Attitudes to work have quickly changed and employees now want the best of both worlds going forward. 73% of employees want a more flexible approach to … Read more

5 Common Phishing Attacks and how to Avoid Them

It’s been hard to ignore the explosive growth in phishing attacks over the last year. Attacks have increased by 718%, and according to Microsoft’s Security Intelligence Report, phishing has now become the biggest cyber threat worldwide. We all like to think we’d be able to spot a dodgy phishing email, but the reality is these types of attacks … Read more

Is it time to feck your old phone system in the bin?

Is it time to return to the office? We’re helping clients do the reverse of the start of lockdown: making sure office network systems are in place; everything is safe and secure, and employees are able to print. There is also now a big opportunity to upgrade and integrate your entire phone system into Microsoft … Read more

It’s time to overcome the fear of the cloud

Why do some bosses want to have their company server sitting in a corner of the office, blinking away, rather than in a more efficient, more secure cloud environment? Why do some still resist the technological advances of the cloud, even when seeing the infinite benefits over the last few months of lockdown? What is … Read more

Avoid a hefty fine for a damaging data breach

The threat of a data breach during the Covid-19 crisis is a clear and present danger to companies that are not taking the right precautions. But what happens if there is a data breach and the Data Protection Commission are called in – or you call them in yourself? There are 22 questions that a company needs … Read more

Patient data must be kept confidential and secure

Nothing is more confidential and personal than patient data, so the need to keep it secure and only accessible to the right staff is paramount. There are times when medical staff take pictures of patient wounds to see how the effect of the treatment over time: there is nothing more personal. Or a caregiver giving … Read more