ISO 27001

What is ISO 27001 and why’s it so important?

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In today’s digital age, businesses need to take their information security seriously. With so much sensitive data being stored and transmitted online, it’s vital to have robust security measures in place to protect against cyber attacks and data breaches. This is where ISO 27001 comes into play.

What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 is an internationally recognised standard that outlines best practices for information security. It provides a framework for managing and protecting sensitive information and is suitable for all types of businesses, from small start-ups to large corporations.

The standard covers all aspects of information security management, including risk assessment, security controls, policy development, employee training, and incident response. Effectively, it helps businesses identify and mitigate risks, establish and implement effective controls, and continuously improve security practices.

Why is ISO 27001 so Important?

The threat landscape has changed dramatically in recent years. In 2022, cyber attacks increased by 38% and more than 4,100 publicly disclosed data breaches occurred, exposing over 22 billion records. No industry has remained unscathed and with new threats emerging all the time, businesses must take all the necessary steps to protect and secure their data. Failure to do so can result in severe consequences, such as financial losses, reputational damage, and a loss of customer trust.

By implementing ISO 27001, companies can demonstrate that they’re serious about information security and have a solid system in place to protect data from unauthorised access, theft, and other security threats. This, in turn, helps to build trust with clients and provides peace of mind that their information is safe and secure.

Additionally, ISO 27001 provides a framework for continuous improvement, which can lead to increased efficiency of security processes and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

ISO 27001

Benefits of ISO 27001 for Your Business

Improved Security: This is probably the most obvious benefit of implementing ISO 27001. By following the standard’s guidelines, you’ll be better equipped to identify and mitigate potential risks to your company’s sensitive data. This can include anything from ensuring your employees use strong passwords to implementing firewalls and antivirus software to prevent cyber attacks.

Increased Trust: By earning certification in ISO 27001, you demonstrate to your customers, stakeholders, and partners that you are committed to protecting their information and maintaining the highest standards of information security. This can be especially important for businesses that handle sensitive data, such as financial institutions and healthcare providers.

Reduced Costs: While implementing an information security management system can require an initial investment, the long-term benefits can include reduced costs associated with data breaches or other security incidents.

Competitive Advantage: Implementing ISO 27001 can help your business to stand out against the crowd. By demonstrating your commitment to information security, you can differentiate yourself from your competitors and attract customers who value data security.

Increased Business Resilience: ISO 27001 provides a systematic approach to managing information security risks, helping to increase business resilience. By identifying potential security threats and implementing appropriate controls, you can reduce the impact of any security incidents that may occur.

Enhanced Compliance: Many industries have regulatory requirements related to data security, such as PCI DSS for financial institutions. Implementing ISO 27001 can help your business to comply with these requirements, reducing the risk of fines and penalties for non-compliance.

By achieving ISO 27001 certification, your business can proudly advertise its commitment to information security and the measures taken to protect sensitive data from cyber threats. In short, having ISO 27001 certification can be a game-changer for your business, providing a competitive edge and enhancing your long-term success.

Committed to Keeping you Safe

At Ortus, we don’t just talk the talk we walk the walk. Our ISO 27001 certification guarantees clients that their data is in safe and secure hands. By following the best practices and guidelines outlined in the standard, we’re able to effectively manage risks and protect sensitive information from cyber threats. Our certification not only provides peace of mind to our clients but also helps us improve our internal processes and operations. To learn more about how we can help safeguard your business, get in touch today.

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