Managed IT & Cloud Solutions for Law Firms & Solicitors

We understand how valuable data is for the legal sector. Our team are here to support you and ensure you have the right IT infrastructure in place to support the evolving needs of your business.

Why work with US?

Enhanced Security

We’ll protect your business from evolving cyber threats by taking proactive measures to secure operations and data. Your systems will be regularly monitored, updated, and immediate and effective action will be taken should a breach occur.

Demonstrate Compliance

To ensure that your firm is compliant with evolving laws and regulations, we’ll process, store, and back up your data on a regular basis. This allows you to focus on your business and provides a clear evidence trail that documents compliance capabilities.

Technical Expertise

You’ll have unlimited access to technical experts who will act as an extension of your business, guiding you on the right IT solutions to keep your firm safe.


We understand that legal professionals often need quick and secure access to data. We’ll ensure that your data is synced in the cloud, providing you with easy access to your files and documents no matter where you are located.

24/7 Support and Monitoring

Your entire IT infrastructure will be maintained and monitored 24/7. Whether it’s out of hours, weekends, or public holidays, you can be safe in the knowledge that your systems are being protected and that support is there any time you need it.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Our Back Up and Disaster Recovery solutions will ensure that in the event of an incident, your business will be back up and running again in no time.

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What our customers are saying…

“In our experience, Ortus provide unrivalled support and assistance compared to everyone else in the marketplace. If we could turn back time, we would have changed provider a lot sooner.”

John Carroll, Managing Partner, Crowley Millar

“From an operational point of view, we needed to streamline our IT. Our on-boarding to Ortus was smooth, efficient and really took the stress out of the migration process.”

Gerard Dempsey, Chief Operating Officer, Flynn O’Driscoll LLP