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Meet our team of IT specialists.

Your IT shouldn’t be complicated or stressful. It should be managed and explained by a
team of amazingly friendly people who know their stuff and make your life easier.

Ortus, where IT just works

It’s that simple really.

When you take US on, you meet your team of three and we chat… on the phone.

This core team of Ortus IT specialists are dedicated to your business all the time.

We take the SH out of IT.

Meet some of our team


The man, the myth, the person who regularly runs out of petrol. He’s the Chief Executive reason we’re all here at Ortus and why we get free beer. The wind beneath our wings so to speak. Cian created Ortus back in 2008 so he’s due for probation any time soon.


The best ‘smiley voice’ on the helpdesk. Or so he’s told by clients. Does he have any party tricks? – hmmm does being able to sleep in traffic jams count?


Jason is our Introducer of clients to Ortus. With an infinite number of kids, Jason is always smiling and never stressed (lies! – see infinite number of kids above). An all-round lover of sports and music- just don’t ask him to play either.


Emma is Head of shouting about how great Ortus is. If you’re reading this page- it’s working. She likes Piña Coladas and getting caught in the rain. Say it one more time for the people at the back…..Ortus is amazing!


This is our Chief Cog Oiler. The Officer who operates. Paul has been found in many a dance off situation at events and has usually come out on top. In his mind anyway. Bless.


Alan is the only Service Desk Technician in Ortus who’s also a surfer, hiker, basketball player, carpenter, and bass player. An underachiever at heart, there’s nothing Alan won’t have a go at. Except Ketchup. No way. Nope.


He’s either a Senior Project Engineer or head ninja of anything broken. Things he dislikes: 1) People not taking their assigned tasks seriously; 2) Lists; 3) Irony; and D) Lack of attention to detail.


This is Geraldine, she loves digging for buried treasure. A metal detector extraordinaire with a skill for creating stories about Ortus. A Seanchaí if you will. She loves a good old share, like or retweet.

Harry (and Milo)

Harry has been working in tech for longer than he can remember. But then again, his memory isn’t great. When Harry isn’t solving clients’ problems, he can be found playing football or spoiling his pugs. Just not at the same time.

Brian L

Brian is a Service Delivery Manager. A multi-tasker. A problem solver. Someone who regularly requires coffee. Born at an exceptionally young age. He is the only one who gets his jokes. He thinks he’s hilarious!


Ken is our Telecoms Engineer. Been in the phone business a long time. A good personal friend of Alexander Graham Bell. He could write his life story on a postage stamp. Good times.


Amanda works in sales. You never really know what you actually need in life until Amanda sells it to you. She is allergic to dogs and also worked for many years at a greyhound stadium- such tenacity! Her hobbies are Coffee, Gin and Wine.


Lisa manages contracts and Accounts Receivable. She has a keen interest in crime fiction, so if you have a question, just keep in mind she probably knows 100 ways to kill you and get away with it.


Noel is a Virtual Chief Information Officer (VCIO). He’s a whiz at shadow puppets and loves colourful socks. He was in the South African Airforce and is a qualified open water diver so don’t let the fluffy socks and shadow puppets fool you- he’s a beast!


This is Bryan our Professional Services Manager. He loves getting stuck into DIY projects and even more so when someone else does it for him. Bryan really loves a good laugh and is also a Liverpool FC fan- which is handy really.


Service Delivery Manager – he makes sure all your IT issues get sorted. One of the many bald men in Ortus. Believe it or not, he used to have hair! It’s overrated.


Another VCIO in the team, James can blow through his knuckles and make a sound like a pigeon. He also does a great impression of someone with a lot of patience- we’ll let you guess which comes in more useful in his daily role.


Meet Bryan, who we call Charlie. It depends what time of day it is and who’s asking. Charlie can finish a packet of biscuits in one sitting (mug of ‘tae’ required) and he’s someone you really want to butter up when you have an IT problem. Isn’t he great?

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