Revolutionising Remote Work: Cloud Desktop Anywhere

Comparing the Capabilities of Cloud Desktop Anywhere

Cloud Desktop Anywhere is a flexible, scalable and secure remote working solution. But how does it stack up against competing technologies?

The Business Benefits of Cloud Desktop Anywhere

The demand for remote working infrastructure and solutions has increased dramatically in recent years. Cloud Desktop Anywhere is the ideal solution for the remote and hybrid workforce, facilitating flexible, agile and secure working and helping to overcome modern business challenges.


Access your corporate desktop from anywhere, on any device, from any internet-connected location.


Users can scale Cloud Desktop Anywhere up or down dynamically depending on their unique usage requirements.


With an existing Microsoft 365 Business Premium (or higher) subscription, Cloud Desktop Anywhere provides all the licensing you will need to use AVD and does not require costly on-premises infrastructure.


Cloud Desktop Anywhere combines Microsoft 365 and Azure Active Directory with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Conditional Access (CA) to provide fully integrated security.

Despite its impressive features and capabilities, Cloud Desktop Anywhere is not the only virtualisation technology on the market. We’ve created a clear, concise battlecard to see how Cloud Desktop Anywhere compares to competing solutions.

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