Managed IT Services

5 Benefits of Working with a Managed IT Service Provider

Geraldine Strawbridge


Is your business struggling to keep up with the demands of IT? Are you worried about potential security threats or data breaches? If so, it may be time to consider partnering with a Managed IT Service Provider (MSP).

In the wake of Covid, many small and medium-sized businesses have struggled to adapt their IT systems to accommodate a new hybrid working environment. This has led many companies to outsource their IT services so that they can work more efficiently and concentrate on the day-to-day running of their business.

According to a recent report, 83% of SME owners in Ireland plan to increase the level of IT services they outsource in the next year. The main reason cited was a desire to reduce IT spend (39%), while other factors included the challenge of managing remote or hybrid working (36%), the need to access a greater range of expertise (36%) and an IT skills acquisition and retention challenge (34%).

The bottom line is that running a business is hard enough without having to worry about your IT infrastructure. A Managed IT Service Provider can help alleviate the pressure of managing all these different elements by creating a more secure, stable and scalable IT environment.

MSPs have become game-changers for businesses of all sizes. From reducing downtime to increasing security, there are countless reasons why investing in professional IT management is a wise decision.

Why work with a Managed IT Service Provider?

1. Enhanced Security

Businesses are more vulnerable than ever to cyber threats. Just under half of Irish companies suffered at least one cyber attack in the last 12 months, and according to a survey from CWSI, Ireland has experienced a much higher increase in cyber attacks than the rest of Europe. Threats are evolving all the time and unless you have the proper precautions in place, your business could become an easy target for opportunistic cybercriminals. A Managed IT Service Provider will help reduce this risk by taking proactive measures to secure your operations and data. Systems will be regularly monitored, updated, and the latest security solutions will be implemented to protect every level of your IT Infrastructure.

2. Cost Reductions

One of the main reasons businesses choose to use a Managed IT Service Provider is that it’s much more cost-efficient than keeping it in-house. The reality is that many small and medium-sized businesses simply don’t have the budget to recruit and train new staff to run their IT operations. Outsourcing these services allows companies to tap into technical expertise without having to hire a full-time IT professional. MSPs also help reduce operational costs by customising solutions for individual clients. Effectively, this means that you only pay for the services you need which makes it much easier to track and manage IT costs.

3. IT Expertise

Managed IT Service Provider

One of the major benefits of partnering with a Managed IT Service Provider is direct access to experienced IT specialists. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that whatever issues arise, your team of experts will be on hand 24/7 to make sure these issues are dealt with quickly and effectively. Without the right technical knowledge, IT incidents can quickly escalate and have serious knock-on effects on your business. Not only will MSPs help resolve problems that have already occurred, but they’ll also provide continuous network monitoring to identify risks that could cause problems in the future.

4. Avoid Expensive Downtime

Unexpected downtime can be hugely damaging to your business. Whether your network unexpectedly crashes, or you fall victim to a security breach, IT downtime can have a serious impact on your bottom line and business operations. According to Statista, the average cost of downtime is €341,000 per hour, which works out at a staggering €5700 per minute. Clearly, the financial costs are high not to mention the damage to brand reputation. A Managed IT Service Provider will ensure that your systems are always up, always on, and running securely. You’ll also have access to advanced Disaster Recovery and Backup services so that in the event of a worst-case scenario, your systems can be restored within a matter of minutes.

5. Proactive Support

Not all businesses have the resources to monitor their IT infrastructure and systems around the clock. As a result, IT problems can soon mount up and more often than not, they’re dealt with in a reactive manner. This Break-Fix model of IT just doesn’t cut it when cyber attacks and data breaches are at an all-time high. To counter these threats, your business needs to leverage the expertise and experience of a Managed IT Service Provider. Not only will they offer the best IT support solutions, but they’ll also proactively monitor and manage your systems to detect and resolve issues before they impact your business.

Partner with a Trusted Managed Service Provider

At Ortus, we work with hundreds of businesses to help keep their systems safe and secure. Using advanced security solutions and round-the-clock monitoring and detection, we make sure everything runs smoothly, so clients don’t have to worry about downtime or security breaches. For further information on how we can help protect your business, get in touch today.