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5 Ways a Managed Service Provider Can Protect Your Law Firm

Geraldine Strawbridge


In the legal industry, time is money. But what happens when things go wrong, and you don’t have the IT infrastructure in place to deal with any problems that may arise? This is where a Managed Service Provider comes in.

The reality is that many things can and do go wrong with IT systems, so it’s crucial that your firm invests in the right technology and processes to operate efficiently and securely.

Data security has never been more important and with the huge increase in cyber attacks against the legal sector, firms must be able to demonstrate that they are taking all the necessary steps to protect sensitive client information and comply with evolving laws and regulations.

What is a Managed Service Provider?

Managed Service Providers are professional IT companies dedicated to managing the IT infrastructure and IT processes for clients. Solutions managed typically include networks and servers, software and technology infrastructures, network security, data backup systems, and risk management. Managed Service Providers work closely with clients to help them find the right systems to boost productivity while recommending security measures to protect their business. This is particularly important for law firms that need IT expertise and support but don’t necessarily have the resources in-house.

How your Law Firm can benefit from a Managed Service Provider

Managed Service Provider - Law Firm

1. Enhanced Security

The legal sector is particularly vulnerable to cyber attacks due to the vast amounts of money, information, and sensitive client data that they retain. Within the last two years, there has been a 60% increase in attacks against law firms, highlighting the need for a greater emphasis to be placed on data security. A Managed Services Provider will help protect your business from evolving cyber threats by taking proactive measures to secure operations and data. Your systems will be regularly monitored, updated, and immediate and effective action will be taken should a breach occur. Essentially, it will give you peace of mind that your business and its critical data are in safe hands.

2. Demonstrate Compliance

Law firms deal with large amounts of sensitive client information so it’s crucial they are compliant with data protection regulations. Failure to comply could have severe consequences including loss of client trust; not to mention the resulting financial and reputational damage. A Managed Services Provider will ensure that your firm is compliant with evolving laws and regulations by taking all the necessary steps to process, store, and back up your data on a regular basis. This allows you to focus on what you do best and provides a clear evidence trail that documents compliance capabilities.

3. Technical Expertise

Law firms face unique challenges that have no doubt been exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic. The rapid transition to remote working has exposed firms to significant risk and highlighted the security shortcomings that can leave business IT networks, systems, and devices highly vulnerable to attack. Unfortunately, most firms do not have the in-house capabilities needed to handle these technical issues, which is where a Managed Service Provider comes in. Partnering with a trusted provider will give you unlimited access to technical experts who will act as an extension of your business, guiding you on the right IT solutions to keep your firm safe.

4. Enhanced Accessibility

Legal professionals often need access to sensitive information and documents outside of the secure confines of the office. A Managed Services Provider enables law firms to quickly and securely access this data anytime, anywhere. Additionally, if firms are operating from multiple locations, they can trust that all the data will be synced in the cloud, providing them with easy access to their files and documents no matter where they are located.

5. 24/7 Support and Monitoring

IT issues are inevitable and unfortunately, they don’t always fall into a convenient 9-5 time slot. A dedicated Managed Services Provider will ensure that your entire IT infrastructure is maintained and monitored 24/7. Whether it’s out of hours, weekends, or public holidays, you can be safe in the knowledge that your systems are being protected and that support is there any time you need it.

Finding the Right Managed Service Provider

Ortus is an award-winning Managed Service Provider with a history of helping law firms. For over 14 years, we have been testing and rolling out IT solutions for law firms and tackling key issues such as data protection, compliance, remote access, amalgamated systems, multi-site IT solutions, and more.

We understand how valuable data is for the legal sector and our team of experienced professionals are here to support you and ensure you have the right IT infrastructure in place to support the evolving needs of your business.

Contact us today to learn more about our Managed IT services for law firms.

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